Bridge Calculator

A set of freeware programs which solve problems in the Bridge card game.

Partition Search Revisited

A paper on Partition Search method, published in IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games.

Szybkie algorytmy decyzyjne w grach z doskonałą informacją i ich wykorzystanie w grach jej pozbawionych [Effective decision making algorithms for games with perfect information and their applications in games without it]

Ph.D. thesis, prepared under the supervision of Prof. Goldstein at the University of Łódź and defended at the Łódź University of Technology.

Efektywne rozwiązanie problemu rozgrywki w otwarte karty w brydżu [an implementation of effective double dummy bridge solver]

A paper on solving of double dummy bridge problem.

Deep Finesse nieomylny, ale nie do końca

A paper published in Świat brydża (Polish bridge magazine for professional players).